Welcome to new member Kreston Dormers

Carolyn Warran, Practice Manager, and the team at Kreston Dormers West Ryde have joined RBF.

Kreston Dormers is a multi-disciplinary professional service firm committed to delivering valuable taxation, financial, business and legal advisory services to public and private Australian companies, foreign owned subsidiaries, family businesses and individuals.

Kreston Dormer’s primary service areas include tax and compliance, financial services and accountancy, business planning and dynamic growth strategies, funding strategies, mergers and acquisitions with the support of one of the world’s largest accounting networks, Kreston International.

“At Kreston Dormers we will work with you to enhance your performance and profitability. The firm’s focus is on helping clients to create and preserve wealth, and cover the key bases of business success,” said Carolyn.

“Regardless of whether we are working with a public or private company, a family business, a start-up or individual, Kreston Dormers offer clients a consistent experience with hands-on partner involvement, staff continuity on all assignments, a creative, focused, flexible and realistic approach to problem solving and pricing and a well respected reputation in local and international markets.”