Royal Rehab Gala 6 May – book now

Join the Royal Rehab team and their special guest MC, Andrew Daddo for the Royal Rehab Gala Ball on Friday 6th May at Doltone House Hyde Park Sydney.

It’s going to be a spectacular evening featuring a special performance by the very talented Damien Leith, fine wine, dancing and some great auction items.

Download your invitation and booking form here or contact Lisa Cheng on 02 9808 9267.

With your generous support we’re aiming to raise $150,000 to support people with acquired and permanent disability return to their lives and live independently in their own communities.  People like Kevin.

In May 2012,  Kevin was cycling on a road bike and hit a pothole and was flung off his bike, resulting in a very severe brain injury.

Before his accident, Kevin was an active 20 year old, studying Exercise Physiology at Sydney University, and completing an internship at Sydney Uni Rugby Club.

Following the accident and time spent in ICU at Royal North Shore Hospital he was admitted to the Brain Injury Unit at Royal Rehab where he spent the next 18 months. At first he couldn’t talk, walk, or even swallow.  It was like beginning life from square one – he had lost 20 years’ worth of life skills and had to relearn everything from how to feed himself to how to stand, walk and even speak.  The only way he could communicate was with a thumbs up or thumbs down!

Royal Rehab  was there for him, every step of the way, helping him regain what was lost.  Through a range of specialty services, including speech therapy, physiotherapy, occupational and recreational therapy, Royal Rehab supported Kevin to achieve his goal of returning to active sport.

But sadly, Australia is lagging behind in supporting the well-being and independence of people like Kevin living with an acquired or permanent disability. The statistics tell a challenging story:

  • 1 in 5 people in Australia have a disability
  • Every week 5 more Australians sustain a spinal cord injury and 10 – 15 sustain a severe traumatic brain injury.
  • Every two hours, an Australian child will be diagnosed with an intellectual disability
  • People with disability in Australia are only half as likely to be employed as people without a disability
  • 45% of people with a disability in Australia live in or near poverty, more than double the OECD average of 22%
  • Australians with a severe disability and their families have poor outcomes on every measure of community participation and well-being

Just like Kevin, anyone could find themselves living with a disability at some point in their lives, yet as a community we are not well positioned to respond to the needs of this population.

Your generous support of the Royal Rehab Gala Ball will directly impact on our ability to support people like Kevin and to deliver care and community based programs that empower people with traumatic injury and disability, improve their quality of life and promote community inclusion and access to services.