Review: Sales Training Workshop for RBF members

An enthusiastic group of RBF members and guests attended another successful ‘Boardroom Breakfast’ presented by Ashley Baldry from Work Test this morning.

Some of the attendees (LtoR)…Jan Gonzalez (Active Recruitment), Carmen Santucci (HCF Macquarie Centre), Lindsay Spencer (Robert Menzies College), Justine Wang (Simple Knowledge Financing), Peter Martin (ITFM) and Tristan Lange (ITFM).

The aim of this Sales Training Workshop was to showcase how DISC can help salespeople to more effectively relate, communicate, influence and motivate prospects and create successful, long-term relationships with their clients.

During the workshop, participants were shown how to:

  1. Identify the four main human behavioural styles;
  2. Read other people and better understand them;
  3. Understand who you are and how others perceive you; and
  4. Adjust your communication style to achieve your sales goals.

Is there an ideal Sales Profile?

Ashley used a DISC model to show that different sales situations call for different styles:

Ashley then took participants through a DISC profile that Work Test has designed specifically for salespeople to get a better understanding of themselves and improve communication with their prospects and clients.

Participants were then shown how to apply this theory to identify styles of prospects and customers using this simple process:

  1. Observe
  2. Assess
  3. Recognise

The workshop culminated with participants developing a one-page Action Plan to help them profile their prospects and clients and develop simple strategies to improve future communication with them.

Please contact Ashley Baldry at Work Test if you’d like to learn more about half-day and full day Sales Training Workshop to help you improve your individual, team and organisational performance…And drive your sales results.

You can also join Ashley at these upcoming training events:

NSWBC Webinar on Tuesday 16 February: ‘How to use DISC to drive business performance’

DISC Accreditation Training on 8-9 March in Macquarie Park (RBF member discount available)

We’d like to thank our members for attending our ‘Boardroom Breakfast’ and the wonderful staff at our Level 1 Member – Eden Gardens for hosting another successful event.

Our next workshop on Wednesday 27 April will focus on ‘Leadership Development’ and be presented by Ivan Gavran from AltusQ and Ashley Baldry from Work Test.