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rbf Committee

We have a great group of people on our Executive Committee; meeting every two months (and ad hoc by email) they support you and your issues and make decisions to help the Forum help you grow your business. Members are:

President: Tony Abboud, Snowden Parkes
Vice President: Andrew Hill, STARStv
Secretary: Karen Laing, Lady Anne Funerals
Treasurer: George Papallo
Ryde Business Forum also has several Committees which report to the Executive (listed below).

  • The CEO Club. Chair: Lydia Scuglia, helloworld Top Ryde City
  • Council. Chair: Kaylar Michaelian, Hyecorp Property Group
  • Transport/Traffic. Chair: Penny Dillon, Optus
  • Employment, Education & Training. Chair: Mark Hastings, Northern Sydney Institute (TAFE NSW)
  • Income Generation Chair: David Rafferty, Achieve Australia
  • Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality. Chair: David Tompkins, Ryde Toyota
The Board is supported by:
  • Legal Adviser: Andrew Bland (BlandsLaw)

Our Board was elected at the AGM on 12 October 2015. Our sincere thanks go to the Executive team of Lydia Scuglia (Chairman), Andrew Hill (Vice Chairman), Milly Colahan (Secretary) and George Papallo (Treasurer) for their outstanding contributions towards ensuring the Forum’s success during the 2014/15 period, and we look foward to our Committee’s contribution to making RBF even more successful this year. The Board is supported by:

  • Sabrina Ferguson, Executive Officer. Sabrina is responsible for marketing the Forum and has been with the Forum since 2001.
  • Marcella Letteri, Events Coordinator. Marcella, who holds a Level III Certificate in Event Management, works part time in our office and is responsible for event coordination and general administration tasks.