Importance Tips For Purchasing Used Caravans

If you have already made the decision that you want to do with a caravan, congratulations.

It will bring you many joys and on board, you will build many of the memories that will give you the most satisfied with your family and friends.

Now comes the complicated … how to choose a caravan or motorhome?

Depending on the budget and personal tastes, you may have certain safe characteristics in mind.

You probably know how much you want it to weigh, the number of stays inside it, as well as its capacity or the comforts you need.

But now you have to know those little details that you should not miss when you finally look for your dream caravan:

– You must absolutely try all the accessories you carry to make sure it works. Unfold and save the awning, examine the progress, try the move if it is included.

– All papers must be in order, especially the technical inspection card. Check the chassis number.

– It is important that you have a stabilizer and inertia brake.

– It is also important to try the handbrake with the legs raised to see that the caravan does not move.

– Pay special attention to the humidity in each corner, especially if you perceive a certain smell. You should feel the area around the windows and walls, especially in the upper part, to try to notice bulged or softened areas or peeling paper.

– Make sure everything works at 12v by turning on the lights, the toilet cistern, the light inside and the refrigerator. Then turn on everything but with the 220v current with the air conditioning or the microwave.

– Check that the gas works perfectly by starting up all the elements that work with gas, such as the kitchen, the refrigerator or the heating. In passing, ask for the company’s bulletin.

– Carefully examine rims and wheels and try to make sure that they do not have any anomaly to be able to rule out problems with the axle.

– Check both the basses and the connections from low to lateral, as well as the windows and their rubbers, which must be in perfect condition.

– Check that the gray and black water tanks have no losses.

Think that if you are going to buy a caravan or camper and you are going to use it for many years, besides that you are going to spend a considerable amount of money, it should be a very thoughtful and thoughtful investment.

Do not have problems in examining everything you need in your acquisition before formalizing it since any seller understands the importance of checking all the details.

Once you have it, you will realize how important it was to look at each detail and how that satisfaction improves the experience of traveling with your family and friends in a different way