Help others realise their Max Potential – and benefit your organisation as well

Epping Ryde Max Potential invites you to consider engaging with the Max Potential program to benefit your organisation, as well as support the wider community.

Max Potential helps organisations reach their goals through developing a culture of ownership of the vision amongst employees by building their personal leadership and coaching skills.

When a member of an organisation becomes a Coach in Max Potential, they not only develop their own skills, they build confidence in young people, bridge generational gaps and benefit the wider community.

Training staff as coaches has wide-reaching impacts within an organisation and provides them with transferrable skills. While the path and learning of each Max Potential coach is unique, some of the areas in which a coach will increase competency include:

  • effective goal setting;
  • establishing honest, accountable, performance-driven relationships (great for managers!);
  • emotional intelligence;
  • understanding the strengths, weaknesses, drivers and motivations of those around them;
  • managing performance and goal attainment in others;
  • celebrating successes and learning from failures;
  • active listening, summarising, and other valuable and empathic communication techniques;
  • open ended-questioning;
  • empowering those around them.

The Epping Ryde Max Potential is now receiving applications for 2016, which commences in February. Please find here:

  • Application form including timeline: Community Coach Application Form Epping 2016
  • Brochure – general information on the program: Max Potential Brochure_2
  • Working with Children Check: Coach WWCC Process
  • Manager as Coach Brochure – about your role: Manager as Coach Brochure

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact the Project Manager, Mel Hanger.

70% of Max Potential Community Coach respondents said ‘investing in the lives of young adults’ was the most important reason for being part of Max Potential.

86% have continued to use coaching either in Max Potential or their business/organisations.

Coaches said:

  • “OMEGA [the coaching framework] was new for me. I find it useful in helping business clients explore how they are providing leadership on a day-to-day basis”.
  • “I use and promote the MAXMISERS as a set of mantra’s to promote decisive action from a state of procrastination.”
  • “I found it an excellent program with lots of benefits not least to my own motivation and achievements during that time. I have taken many new understandings/skills into my present life.”